Hisashi Watanabe

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BACKGROUND The relationship of saliva with plasma protein levels makes saliva an attractive diagnostic tool. Plasma levels of adiponectin and leptin in healthy individuals or diabetes mellitus patients have been previously reported. Nevertheless, salivary levels of these adipocytokines in patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) have never been investigated.(More)
It is a common philosophical question as to whether your blue is the same as my blue. The two-tone striped dress shown in Figure 1, which attracted a lot of attention on the Internet, gave us a clear answer: "No." Some people see the dress as blue and black, whereas others insist it's white and gold. So your blue can be my white. Why is it that people(More)
The problem of 'social withdrawal' among young adults is the focus of considerable attention in Japan today. Among the various manifestations of social withdrawal, a 'primary social withdrawal' group has been identified that cannot be diagnosed by the established classification of mental disorders. In an earlier report it was suggested that the onset(More)
Psychopathological investigation was conducted on the basis of the clinical observation of 23 subjects whose cenesthopathic symptoms began before 30 years of age. This illness is called 'adolescent cenesthopathy' based on the specificity of this mental condition to the adolescent period. Adolescent cenesthopathy is compared to schizophrenia,(More)
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