Hisashi Taketani

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OBJECTIVE This study was carried out to qualify and quantify the amount of care estimated to be needed by the nurse and home-helper, the amount actually being given and the amount demanded by patient with cancer or cerebrovascular disease under condition of nursing and caregiving at home. METHODS Fifty-five patients with cancer and fifty-five with(More)
One of the representative methods of optical flow is a gradient method which estimates the movement of an object based on the differential of image brightness. However, the method is ineffective for large displacement of the object and many improved methods have been proposed to copy with such limitations. One of these improved techniques is the multigrid(More)
We propose a model to generate a group of artificial lives capable of coping with various environments which is equivalent to a set of requested task, and likely to show that the plays or hobbies are necessary for the group of individuals to maintain the coping capability with various changes of the environment as a whole. This may be an another side of(More)