Hisashi Shimodaira

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We propose a new method for recovering the 3D shape of a polyhedral object from its single 2D image using the shading information contained in the image and the prior information on the object. In a strict sense, we cannot recover the shape of a polyhedron from an incorrect line drawing, even if it is practically almost correct. In order to overcome this(More)
The bilateral filter has a weakness in its denoising ability, because the intensity similarity is evaluated by comparing just the intensity values of a given pixel and another pixel. To alleviate this problem, this paper proposes a patch-based bilateral (PBL) filter in which the intensity similarity is evaluated by comparing a whole patch around each pixel.(More)
In this paper, we examine the results of major previous attempts to apply genetic and evolutionary computation (GEC) to image processing. In many problems, the accuracy (quality) of solutions obtained by GEC-based methods is better than that obtained by other methods such as conventional methods, neural networks and simulated annealing. However, the(More)