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Recently, the variety and vastness in networks have increased rapidly. To keep networks stable and reliable, network administrators have to understand the nature of network traffic flows. In this paper, we propose a method to analyze network traffic using firewall logs. The characteristics of our method are 1) the use of the aggregate flow information, and(More)
Network-booting is widely adopted in universities that have to maintain many client computers. In conventional network-booting systems, the primary bottleneck is the disk image distribution servers and the network to these servers. To eliminate this bottleneck, peer-to-peer (P2P) methods must work. However, existing P2P methods, including BitTorrent, do not(More)
Modern authentication mechanisms, including Shibboleth and OAuth, provide user attributes such as affiliations and e-mail addresses. Conventional collaborative methods have problems using such attributes in egress access control for the Web. This paper proposes a new collaborative method using Web browsers, proxy servers, and authentication servers. The(More)
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