Hisashi Mizumoto

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We developed a rescue robot system, which allows efficient utilization of the potentials of a robot, by effectively switching between tele-operation mode and autonomous mode based on the task and the operation environment. Rescue robots are mobile sytems which can perform search for human lives, on behalf of rescue personnel, in dangerous environments like(More)
Teleoperation system using past image records (SPIR) is a system that shows the virtual trailing view using recorded images from previous times. In this system, the operator can control the robot intuitively by seeing the trailing view and the superimposed robot computer graphics (CG) model only using only a front facing camera on the robot. The preexisting(More)
Teleoperation system using past image records (SPIR) is a system that provides the third-person view image to the operator for the robot operation. The image is visually generated by overlaying the CG model of the robot on the background image taken by the robot-mounted camera at a past time. In this paper, we proposed a new user interface based on SPIR for(More)
Many natural hazards like earthquake and seismic sea waves happen every year all over the world. In addition, many manmade disasters happen in many countries. To deal with these disasters, rescue robots are being developed in many countries. These robots support the rescue workers to search for the victims in the disaster environments. In this paper, we(More)
We have constructed a new system for searching the inside of damaged buildings by grouped robots. Especially, we developed a new wireless ad-hoc network system called ‘Robohoc network’ system. It is necessary to communicate information such as commands to robots and sensor data to an operator including video images stably with considering not(More)
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