Hisashi Miyashita

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XML (Extensible Markup Language) processing can incur significant runtime overhead in XML-based infrastructural middleware such as Web service application servers. This paper proposes a novel mechanism for efficiently processing similar XML documents. Given a new XML document as a byte sequence, the XML parser proposed in this paper normally avoids(More)
Multimedia content with Rich Internet Applications using Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Adobe Flash is now becoming popular in various websites. However, visually impaired users cannot deal with such content due to audio interference with the speech from screen readers and intricate structures strongly optimized for sighted users. We have been developing an(More)
Rich and multimedia content is increasing rapidly on the Web. It is very attractive for sighted people, but it brings severe problems to screen reader users. Once the audio starts playing, it becomes hard for blind users to listen to the screen reader because there is physically only one volume control that cannot control the separate audio streams. Though(More)
It is not surprising that rich Internet content, such as Flash and DHTML, is some of the most pervasive content because of its visual attractiveness to the sighted majority. Such visually rich content has been causing severe accessibility problems, especially for people with visual disabilities. For Flash content, the kinds of accessibility information(More)
Practices supporting Web accessibility are spread out all over the world. However, the accessibility of multimedia content and rich Internet applications has been little discussed. These types of content are using a lot of visual cues and developing new techniques to make their visual interfaces richer. Therefore, it is generally believed that they are not(More)
As modeling in software and system development becomes increasingly prevalent, many engineers need to collaboratively develop models spanning many disciplines such as requirements management, system design, software, etc. However, integrating modeling languages for various disciplines is challenging, because UML and SysML are too complex for many engineers(More)
Automated verification for client-side programs of DHTML applications has become necessary. This is because DHTML applications are increasingly complicated in order to enhance the functionality and usability of dynamic Web content. We are therefore motivated to create a tool for automatically verifying a JavaScript program of a DHTML application against a(More)