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Marginal checking of a Markovian degradation unit is treated when time interval to the next checking is not fixed but obeys a certain general distribution. The problem of determing the optimal set of the states at which the unit is replaced with a new one (marginal set) is discussed. It is solved by using Markov-renewal programming with modified policy(More)
This paper is concerned with a differentiable exact penalty function derived by modifying the Wolfe dual of an equality constrained problem. It may be considered that this penalty function belongs to a class of general augmented Lagrangians on which other differentiable exact penalty functions are based. It is shown that this penalty function possesses an(More)
This paper deals with a problem of assigning n persons to n nodes (jobs) in a given network, whose arc lengths are dependent upon the assignment, so that the length of a critical path in the network may be minimized. The problem is first formulated as an integer programming probem, and then a branch-and-bound algorithm is proposed. The algorithm makes use(More)