Hisashi Kondo

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We introduce a class of computational problems called the partial order constraint satisfaction problems (POCSPs) and present three methods for encoding them as binary decision diagrams (BDDs). The first method, which simply augments domain constraints with the transitivity and asymmetry for partial orders, is improved by the second method, which introduces(More)
We present a completion procedure (called MKB) that works for multiple reduction orderings. Given equations and a set of reduction orderings, the procedure simulates a computation performed by the parallel processes each of which executes the standard completion procedure (KB) with one of the given orderings. To gain efficiency, however, we develop new(More)
We perform first-principles investigations of electron transport in armchair graphene nanoribbons adsorbed on Cu(111) and Ni(111) surfaces with various contact areas. We find that the contact area between metals and graphene has different influences on the conductance. The Cu-graphene system shows an increase in differential conductance for more contact(More)
The transport properties of a biphenyl dithiol (BPD) molecule sandwiched between two gold electrodes are studied using the nonequilibrium Green's function method based on the density functional theory. In particular, their dependence on the dihedral angle (phi=90 degrees -180 degrees ) between two phenyl rings is investigated. While the dihedral-angle(More)