Hisashi Kawabayashi

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In this paper, we present an extended boid model for simulating the aggregate motion offish school. In our extended boid model, six behavior rules are newly proposed in addition to three classical boid rules. The new rules are: the rule of following feeds, the rule of fleeing from predators, the rule with other schools which are neither predators nor feeds,(More)
We propose a cost-effective and new Earliest-Deadline First (EDF) hardware scheduler with low power and low circuit area advantages as well as an electronic system level (ESL) verification framework for co-exploring algorithms and architectures of wireless multimedia embedded systems. In the proposed ESL platform, a network simulator alleviates both(More)
In this paper, we present an application of interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) to emotional recognition in psychology, and show its possibility to general mental health measurement. In our experiments, 5 high-anxiety and 4 low-anxiety subjects are requested to design a happy facial image and a fearful facial image using an IEC-based CG facial image(More)
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