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In large-scale trade shows, there are two kinds of connections dependent on interests of attendees: connections between attendees and booths, and that between booths and booths. The large-scale-ness, however, prevents the establishment of these connections because each attendee cannot obtain the entire information on all of his interesting booths. In this(More)
When a disaster occurs, it is very difficult for people inside a building to evacuate safely under lack of power supply. We propose a method to realize evacuation guide in case of power failure. In this system, passive RFID tags are put on walls of the building. Each user has a mobile terminal equipped with an RFID reader/writer. By referring to passive(More)
The author discusses an ISDN user-network interface management protocol. The protocol enables users to manage network services, operation (such as network reconfiguration and routing change), and maintenance. That the user equipment should be looked at from both user-of-service and manager-of-service perspectives is emphasized in a discussion of the(More)
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