Hisashi Handa

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The precautionary salting of the road network is an important maintenance issue for countries with a marginal winter climate. On many nights, not all the road network will require treatment as the local geography will mean some road sections are warmer than others. Hence, there is a logic to optimising salting routes based on known road surface temperature(More)
|A new genetic algorithm which exploits an idea of \coevolution" is proposed. The proposed method consists of two GAs: Host GA and Parasite GA. The Host GA searches for the solutions, and these two GAs are closely related to each other. The Parasite GA plays an important role in searching for useful schemata in the Host GA. Furthermore, two methods of tness(More)
EDA-RL, Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning Problems, have been proposed by us recently. The EDA-RL can improve policies by EDA scheme: First, select better episodes. Secondly, estimate probabilistic models, i.e., policies, and finally, interact with the environment for generating new episodes. In this paper, the EDA-RL is(More)
By making use of probabilistic models, (EDAs) can outperform conventional evolutionary computations. In this paper, EDAs are extended to solve reinforcement learning problems which arise naturally in a framework for autonomous agents. In reinforcement learning problems, we have to find out better policies of agents such that the rewards for agents in the(More)
In this paper, we propose a system to collect human behavior in detail with higher-level tags such as attitude, accompanying-person, expenditure, tasks and so on. The system makes it possible to construct database to model higher-level human behaviors that are utilized in context-aware services. The system has two input methods, i.e., on-the-fly by a smart(More)