Hisashi Aoki

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A popular method for producing video summaries is to use cut detection to select representative key-frames for shots in a movie. The key-thrnes are then used as the summary. However, most movies contain dialogues where there are repeated similar key-frames. This paper presents anew method of reducing this redundancy by detecting this repetition using(More)
Context awareness is an important functionality for wearable computers. In particular, the computer should know where the person is in the environment. This paper proposes an image sequence matching technique for the recognition of locations and previously visited places. As in single word recognition in speech recognition, a dynamic programming algorithm(More)
The effects of pre-motion silent period (PSP) on dynamic force exertion were studied in ten healthy subjects performing ballistic elbow extensions. The experiments were designed to evaluate the significance of mean differences between the averaged dynamic force curves of two groups: PSP-presence groups and PSP-absence groups. The presence of PSP was judged(More)
OBJECTIVES Skin potential responses (SPRs) to target and non-target stimuli in letter recognition tasks were studied to evaluate their potential as communication channels for individuals with severe motor disability. METHODS SPRs were recorded from the palm or sole of 5 subjects with cerebral palsy and 6 healthy subjects. Subjects discriminated target(More)
(1) To delineate the cortical and spinal excitability during the pre-movement silent period (PMSP), the motor-evoked potentials (MEPs) and H-reflexes were measured for 0-150 ms prior to rapid voluntary movements of 11 healthy subjects. The appearance of PMSP was judged from the electromyogram of the agonist muscle at each rapid movement and the differences(More)
Tafone-like depressions have developed on the Aoshima sandstone blocks used for a masonry bridge pier in the coastal spray zone. A thin layer of partial granular disintegration was found on the surface in depressions. To evaluate quantitatively the strength of the thin weathered layer, the hardness was measured at the surface of the sandstone blocks using(More)
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