Hisashi Anayama

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To investigate the influence of cerebral hypoperfusion on learning behaviours, we developed a novel rat cerebral hypoperfusion model, in which the bilateral internal carotid arteries were permanently ligated to reduce the cerebral blood flow, and examined its behavioural and histopathological consequences in comparison to those occurring after bilateral(More)
BACKGROUND Apelin is an endogenous ligand for the G-protein-coupled 7-transmembrane receptor, APJ. The administration of apelin-13, a truncated 13-amino acid apelin peptide, in diet-induced obese mice is reported to result in a decrease in adiposity due to the increase of energy expenditure with an increase in the expression of uncoupling proteins. (More)
High-dose statin treatment has been recommended as a primary strategy for aggressive reduction of LDL cholesterol levels and protection against coronary artery disease. The effectiveness of high-dose statins may be limited by their potential for myotoxic side effects. There is currently little known about the molecular mechanisms of statin-induced(More)
The histologic characteristics of a salivary mucocele in a beagle used in a toxicity study are described in this report. A pale yellowish cyst under the mandibular skin containing frothy mucus was observed at necropsy. Microscopically, numerous villous projections arose from the internal surface of the cyst and were lined by stratified epithelial-like(More)
Spontaneous synovitis has been detected in the stifle joints of control Wistar rats in 4-wk and 2-yr toxicity studies, and a specific site was found to be predisposed to synovitis. The incidence of synovitis was 27.5% for males in the 4-wk study and 40.0% for males and 16.0% for females in the 2-yr study. The severity was not increased with aging. The(More)
The purpose of this study was to define the histopathological characteristics of pulmonary neoplastic lesions, especially focusing on the origin of tumor cells, in urethane-treated Tg rasH2 mice. Bronchiolar-alveolar adenomas/adenocarcinomas were observed in the lungs from all of the urethane-treated animals. Immunohistochemically, these tumors showed an(More)
Mott cells are a variant form of plasma cells in humans and laboratory animals. This report describes the morphological characteristics of Mott cells observed in a 33-week-old female CB6F1-Tg rasH2 mouse. Microscopically, a large number of round cells with abundant eosinophilic globules, which were variable in size, were observed in the spleen and were(More)
The precise localization and biological characteristics of the adipose progenitor cells are still a focus of debate. In this study, the localization of the adipose progenitor cells was determined using an organotypic culture system of adipose tissue slices. The tissue slices of subcutaneous white adipose tissue from rats were placed on a porous membrane and(More)
Previously we suggested that reovirus type 2 (Reo-2) infection induced autoimmune insulitis, resulting in mild diabetes in suckling mice. The effect of histamine (a lymphocyte function suppressor) on Reo-2-induced insulitis was examined. Systemic histamine administration reduced the development of insulitis and blood glucose elevation. Endogenous(More)
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