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The purpose of this study was to determine whether the initial rate of hemoglobin and myoglobin deoxygenation during immediate postexercise ischemia, a reflection of muscle O2 consumption (VO2mus), can be a quantitative measure of muscle oxidative metabolism. The finger flexor muscles of five healthy men (aged 25-31 yr) were monitored by 31P-magnetic(More)
The redistribution of blood flow (BF) in the abdominal viscera during right-legged knee extension-flexion exercise at very low intensity [peak heart rate (HR), 76 beats/min] was examined by using Doppler ultrasound. While sitting, subjects performed a right-legged knee extension-flexion exercise every 6 s for 20 min. BF was measured in the upper abdominal(More)
AIM To examine the blood flow (BF) response in the lower abdomen (LAB) in recovery following upright cycling exercise at three levels of relative maximum pulmonary oxygen consumption (VO(2max)) and the relationship of BF(LAB) to heart rate (HR) and target intensity. METHODS For 11 healthy subjects, BF (Doppler ultrasound) in the upper abdominal aorta (Ao)(More)
It has been widely noted that vitamin E shows numerous beneficial effects through and beyond its antioxidative properties; consequently, vitamin E is expected to prevent degenerative diseases. In the field of sports medicine, many studies dealing with vitamin E have been conducted originally from the point of view of its effects on physical performance.(More)
Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase was entrapped in silk fibroin. The entrapped enzyme showed a similar Km for Phe and pH optimum to the free enzyme. It was resistant against chymotrypsin and trypsin in vitro. To assess the activity in vivo, the free or entrapped enzymes and then Phe were injected into rat duodenum, and cinnamate, a product, in plasma was(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality from coronary heart disease is relatively low in Japan compared with other developed countries and has remained low despite an increasing standard of living and an apparent increase in mean plasma cholesterol concentration in adults over the past three decades. Important differences in childhood plasma lipoprotein profile might(More)
Epidemiological, pathological, clinical, and experimental studies over the past 40 years convincingly show that physical inactivity and low physical fitness contribute substantially to the major chronic diseases prevalent in industrialised societies. Several industrialised countries around the world report increases in physical activity participation among(More)
To investigate how the pituitary-adrenal and sympathetic nervous hormones change in psychologically exhaustive states following an ultraendurance race, the Profile of Mood States (POMS), plasma ACTH, beta-endorphin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and serum cortisol were measured in 29 male athletes two days before, immediately after, and one day after a(More)