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The redistribution of blood flow (BF) in the abdominal viscera during right-legged knee extension-flexion exercise at very low intensity [peak heart rate (HR), 76 beats/min] was examined by using Doppler ultrasound. While sitting, subjects performed a right-legged knee extension-flexion exercise every 6 s for 20 min. BF was measured in the upper abdominal(More)
A 74-year-old man presented sudden onset hoarseness and dysphagia. Two months before this event, he had developed arthralgia of the shoulders, elbows, hands and foot and pleuritis which had been alleviated by a treatment with prednisolone. On admission, the patient could not phonate nor swallow at all. His soft palate was elevated at the right side. The(More)
Exercise induces gastric ischemia in healthy volunteers: a tonometry study humans Heterogeneous limb vascular responsiveness to shear stimuli during dynamic exercise in exercise Kinetics of V.02 and femoral artery blood flow during heavy-intensity, knee-extension on the following topics: those papers emphasizing adaptive and integrative mechanisms. It is(More)
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