Hisanori Yamane

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The crystal structure of monobarium dititanium pentaoxide, BaTi(2)O(5), synthesized by a floating-zone method, was studied by X-ray diffraction. Previous reports describe the structure as being in the monoclinic centrosymmetric space group C2/m. We have recently found that this material exhibits ferroelectricity, and therefore BaTi(2)O(5) should have lower(More)
A ternary stannide of sodium and magnesium, Na(2)MgSn, was synthesized from the elements, and the crystal structure was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes in the Li(2)CuAs structure type (hexagonal, P6(3)/mmc, Z = 2, a = 5.0486(11) Å, c = 10.095(2) Å), and its structure is built up of two-dimensional honeycomb layers(More)
For the Ti/O system, three titanium monoxide (TiO) phases (α, β, and γ) with defective NaCl-type structures and a high-temperature hexagonal phase (H) have been known for decades. In this work, single crystals of a novel polymorph, ɛ-TiO, were synthesized by using a bismuth flux. X-ray diffraction (XRD) revealed a hexagonal crystal structure (a=4.9936(3) Å,(More)
"Crystal structure of the free base guanidine determined 148 years after the first synthesis": A prototype structure unveiled--despite its provocative simplicity, the crystal structure of guanidine has not been previously described. 148 years after the first synthesis of guanidine, we now find two Y-shaped symmetry-independent molecules in the unit cell(More)
Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are generally constructed by lithium-including positive electrode materials, such as LiCoO2, and lithium-free negative electrode materials, such as graphite. Recently, lithium-free positive electrode materials, such as sulfur, are gathering great attention from their very high capacities, thereby significantly increasing the(More)
The indium nitrides Sr6In4(In(0.32)Li(0.92))N(2.49) and Ba6In(4.78)N(2.72) have been synthesized from an excess of molten sodium. They crystallize in a stuffed variant of the eta-carbide structure type in the cubic space group Fdm with Z = 8. The lattice parameters are a = 14.3752(4) and 15.216(1) A, with cell volumes 2970.6(2) and 3523.3(6) A3,(More)
Ternary sodium borosilicide, Na(8)B(74.5)Si(17.5), was newly synthesized by heating a mixture of sodium, silicon and amorphous or crystalline boron at 1073-1273 K. The crystal structure of the black hexagonal prismatic single crystal obtained at 1273 K was analyzed. The X-ray diffraction reflections of the crystal were indexed with hexagonal cell parameters(More)
Single crystals of Ba(14)Cu(2)In(4)N(7), tetradecabarium dicopper tetraindium heptanitride, were synthesized by slow cooling from 1023 K at 7 MPa of N(2) using an Na flux. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P2/m with Z = 2, and contains 0[CuN(2)] nitridocuprate units and distorted 0[In(4)] clusters. One Ba atom, not connected to any N(More)
Black granular single crystals of monotitanium dibismuth, TiBi2, were synthesized by slow cooling of a mixture of Bi and Ti from 693 K. The title compound is isostructural with CuMg2 (ortho-rhom-bic Fddd symmetry). Ti atoms are located in square anti-prisms of Bi atoms. The network of one type of Bi atom spirals along the a-axis direction while honeycomb(More)