Hisanori Kojima

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After borohydride reduction, carboxymethylation, and tryptic digestion of the holoenzyme of pig heart alanine aminotransferase, a single icosapeptide containing the N6-(phosphopyridoxyl)lysine residue was isolated by a combination of gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatogrpahy. Its primary structure was determined as(More)
Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4alpha (HNF-4alpha), a liver-specific transcription factor, plays a significant role in many liver-specific functions, including lipid, glucose, drug, and ammonia metabolism, and also in embryonal liver development. However, its functions and regulation are not yet clearly understood. In this study, we constructed an adenovirus(More)
Fulminant hepatic failure (FHF) is still associated with high mortality despite recent advances in medical management. There is need of an effective and safe bioartificial liver (BAL) support to help keep patients with FHF alive until an organ becomes available for transplantation or the native liver recovers. The aim of this study was to establish highly(More)
The pyridoxal form of alanine aminotransferase from pig heart catalyzes the a,/? elimination reaction with 3chloro-L-alanine as the substrate to form equimolar amounts of pyruvate, ammonia, and chloride. The maximum rate of the a,/3 elimination reaction was 2.5 pmol/min/mg at pH 7.0 (25”(Z), approximately 0.5% that of the transamination reaction between(More)
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