Hisanori Kohtsuka

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A lectin - designated OXYL for the purposes of this study that strongly recognizes complex-type oligosaccharides of serum glycoproteins - was purified from a crinoid, the feather star Oxycomanthus japonicus, the most basal group among extant echinoderms. OXYL was purified through a combination of anion-exchange and affinity chromatography using Q-sepharose(More)
Recent records of the occurrence of a little-known ribbon worm, Nipponnemertes ogumai (Yamaoka 1947), along the Pacific coast of Honshu, Japan, are summarized with a map of known distribution. Photographs of the worm in its living state are provided, with brief descriptions of external morphology and behavior. Sequences of the nuclear 18S rDNA (1,785 bp)(More)
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