Hisamasa Ishii

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OBJECT It remains unclear whether elderly patients with compressive cervical myelopathy can be expected to experience a promising surgery-related outcome after undergoing expansive laminoplasty. The purposes of this study were to evaluate the efficacy of expansive laminoplasty in elderly patients with cervical myelopathy due to multisegmental spondylotic(More)
A tectal glioma presenting with late-onset aqueduct stenosis and obstructive hydrocephalus is usually categorized as a benign glioma. Apparent clinical or radiological progression justifies biopsy of the tumour. In this case, an unusual tumour shows aggressive and invasive growth after surgical intervention and chemoradiotherapy.
We present an angiographic feature of anoxic encephalopathy in the acute phase. A 68-year-old woman suddenly presented with deep coma. Examinations of her blood and electrocardiography did not reveal the origin of consciousness disturbance, and computed tomographic (CT) scans demonstrated no significant findings. We immediately performed cerebral(More)
  • H Ishii
  • 1990
Mastication is one of the most important functions of the stomatognathic system and it can be performed either on the left side or right side. However, some people have each habitual chewing side, so imbalance of stomatognathic function between left and right is observed. This imbalance is supposed to reflect the relationship between the left and right(More)
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