Hisako Sugai

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BACKGROUND Trace amounts of lipids are present in the urine of patients with glomerular disease, raising the possibility that the excess lipids reabsorbed by tubule cells may be toxic to these cells. In the present study, we assessed the prognostic value of micro-cholesterol (mCHO) levels in patients with chronic glomerular disease. METHODS The urinary(More)
Very large macrophages, which we have termed "giant macrophages" (G-M phi), have been found in renal tubules, some containing cytoplasmic vacuoles. To elucidate their pathophysiological roles, we examined renal biopsy tissues from various primary glomerulonephritis (GN) and tubulointerstitial nephritis (TIN) using immunohistochemistry with monoclonal(More)
Leukocyte accumulation in the kidney is observed in patients with IgA nephropathy. Chemokines are a large family of cytokines chemotactic for leukocytes and have been shown to be upregulated in renal diseases. We previously reported that the gene expression of lymphotactin, a sole member of C chemokine subfamily, is enhanced in an animal model of crescentic(More)
Soluble fibrin (SF) is produced by activated blood coagulation reaction and is useful to diagnose thrombotic diseases. We measured plasma and urine SF levels in nephritic patients to assess the hypercoagulability state associated with the disease. Before they received anti-coagulation or anti-platelet therapies, 60 patients underwent measurement of plasma(More)
Selectivity index (SI) has been reported to reflect the selectivity of proteinuria, and it has a relationship with tubulointerstitial damage. Moreover it has a predictive value on functional outcome. However, it is necessary to measure serum IgG, serum transferrin, urinary IgG, and urinary transferrin to calculate SI. We measured urinary micro-cholesterol(More)
INTRODUCTION An effective approach to prevent hemodialysis vascular access dysfunction is still unclear despite previous studies, which have shown conflicting results of several drugs on vascular access outcomes. In this study, we focused on diabetic hemodialysis patients with native arteriovenous fistula and evaluated the impact of statin treatment on(More)
To 13 uremic patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism, 4 micrograms of 1,25(OH)2D3 were given orally twice a week for 4 weeks. Intact PTH values fell from 488.3 +/- 84.2 to 235.2 +/- 59.6 pg/ml (Mean +/- SE, p less than 0.01), while serum total and ionized calcium elevated from 10.3 +/- 0.2 to 11.8 +/- 0.6 mg/dl (p less than 0.01), from 1.43 +/- 0.03 to(More)
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