Hisakazu Doi

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Bile acids, especially those with hydrophobic properties, are known to possess cytotoxicity. However, the mechanisms responsible for the cytotoxicity of bile acids are still under investigation. On the other hand, the hydrophilic bile acid, ursodeoxycholic acid has been reported to exhibit therapeutic effects against cytotoxic hydrophobic bile acids. The(More)
INTRODUCTION Ws/Ws rats have a small deletion of the c-kit gene and are deficient in both mucosal-type mast cells and connective tissue-type mast cells. AIM To investigate the role of pancreatic mast cells in the development of experimental closed duodenal loop (CDL)-induced pancreatitis using Ws/Ws rats. METHODOLOGY Pancreatitis was induced by the CDL(More)
A 51-old-female patient was admitted because of dyspnea. This case was diagnosed inoperable advanced gastric cancer and pulmonary carcinomatous lymphangiosis. She was treated by combination of docetaxel (TXT) and TS-1. TXT (40 mg/m2) was administered on day 1, and TS-1 (80 mg/body/day) was then administered for 14 days followed by a 7-day interval as one(More)
We report a case of developing multiple adenocarcinoma foci in multiple hyperplastic polyps in a patient with Helicobacter pylori infection and hypergastrinemia during long-term proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy. A 57-year-old man, who was undergoing hemodialysis for chronic renal failure, underwent an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy to elucidate the(More)
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