Hisahiro Adachi

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Combining the principle of Differential Latent Semantic Index (DLSI) (Chen et al., 2001) and the Template Matching Technique (Tokuda and Chen, 2001), we propose a new user queries-based patent document retrieval system by NLP technology. The DLSI method first narrows down the search space of a sought-after patent document by content search and the template(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, wc prol~OSe a <:lassili<'ation method for sigus in ./ape<nest ,b'ig. I)(tngutqlC (JSI,). The metho<l is l>as<'d on I:],c similaril,y I>el,wceun n+eH+nal .loli+Jtz dc.+i:rilJlion.+(M M [)s) M' signs. M M l/s a~c the verbal dcs<:ripti<nm of signs, The measure (ff similarily I>ctw('en MM I)s is derivc<l from ihcir h,n#cst common(More)
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