Hisahiro Adachi

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Pattern classification is very unique in traditional medicine. Kampo medical patterns have transformed over time during Japan's history. In the 17th to 18th centuries, Japanese doctors advocated elimination of the Ming medical theory and followed the basic concepts put forth by Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue in the later Han dynasty (25-220 AD). The(More)
Combining the principle of Differential Latent Semantic Index (DLSI) (Chen et al., 2001) and the Template Matching Technique (Tokuda and Chen, 2001), we propose a new user queries-based patent document retrieval system by NLP technology. The DLSI method first narrows down the search space of a sought-after patent document by content search and the template(More)
S U M M A R Y In this paper, wc prol~OSe a <:lassili<'ation method for sigus in ./ape<nest ,b'ig. I)(tngutqlC (JSI , ) . The metho<l is l>as<'d on I:],c similaril ,y I>el,wceun n+eH+nal .loli+Jtz dc.+i:rilJlion.+(M M [)s) M' signs. M M l /s a~c the verbal dcs<:ripti<nm of signs, The measure (ff s imi la r i ly I>ctw('en MM I)s is derivc<l from ihci r(More)
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