Hisaaki Tanaka

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Emerging evidence suggests that microRNA, which are well-conserved, abundant and small regulatory RNA, may be involved in the pathogenesis of human cancers. We recently reported that expression of let-7 was frequently reduced in lung cancers, and that reduced let-7 expression was significantly associated with shorter patient survival. Two members of the(More)
Emerging evidence, although currently very sparse, suggests the presence of "lineage-specific dependency" in the survival mechanisms of certain cancers. TTF-1 has a decisive role as a master regulatory transcription factor in lung development and in the maintenance of the functions of terminal respiratory unit (TRU) cells. We show that a subset of lung(More)
OBJECTIVE Cisplatin can induce severe renal toxicity. However, the degree and pattern of hydration that is most efficient at preventing it have scarcely been formally evaluated. We here performed a prospective feasibility study of cisplatin-based chemotherapy with short-term low-volume hydration in advanced lung cancer. METHODS Chemo-naïve patients with(More)
We report a case of extranodal CD20-positive peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL). A 59-year-old man was admitted because of a right testicular mass in April 2006. CT scan revealed bilateral adrenal masses and he underwent right orchiectomy. The enlarged testis showed diffuse infiltration of large CD20-positive lymphocytes with slight CD3-positive cells. These(More)
A -Pd(III)-Br-Pd(III)-Mott-Hubbard state was observed in a quasi-one-dimensional bromo-bridged Pd compound [Pd(en)2Br](C5-Y)2 x H2O (en = ethylenediamine, C5-Y = dipentylsulfosuccinate) for the first time. The phase transition between Mott-Hubbard and charge-density-wave states occurred at 206 +/- 2 K and was confirmed by using X-ray, ESR, Raman and(More)
Fluoroalkylsilane (FTS) acts as an efficient p-type dopant for organic semiconductors. FTS-doped films of the semicrystalline PBTTT polymer exhibit relatively high conductivities. We demonstrate that highly doped PBTTT films exhibit a metallic nature with clear Pauli paramagnetism as observed microscopically using electron spin resonance spectroscopy. The(More)
Ions and electrons in blends of polymer-electrolyte can work in ensemble to operate light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs), in which the unique features of in situ formed p-n homojunctions offer efficient charge injection and transport. However, electrochemical features give rise to significant stability and speed issues due to limited electrochemical(More)
We synthesized a novel iodo-bridged linear chain platinum compound, having the quasi-two-dimensional charge-density-wave (CDW) ground state and the smallest band gap. In this compound, we discovered an anomalous valence state in the boundary region at which the CDW phase alternates in the crystal by means of ESR, X-ray diffuse scattering, STM, and(More)
Doping is one of the most important methods to control charge carrier concentration in semiconductors. Ideally, the introduction of dopants should not perturb the ordered microstructure of the semiconducting host. In some systems, such as modulation-doped inorganic semiconductors or molecular charge transfer crystals, this can be achieved by spatially(More)