Hisaaki Tanaka

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Near surface electron density distribution of an organic semiconductor is firstly observed by a combination of a synchrotron x-ray dif-fraction experiment and a new holographic method of analysis. The observed electron density profile of a rubrene single crystal, which is known as a high-mobility organic transistor material, shows a large positional(More)
Potential fecundity models of walleye or Alaska pollock Gadus chalcogrammus in the Pacific waters off Hokkaido, Japan, were developed. They were compared using a generalized linear model with using either standard body length (LS ) or total body mass (MT ) as a main covariate along with Fulton's condition factor (K) and mean diameter of oocytes (DO ) as(More)
The Praseodymium, Samarium doped novel Magnesium ferrite (Mg Prx Smy Fe2-x-y O4) was prepared by sol gel route and sintered in a microwave furnace. The nano size, structure and composition of Pr and Sm doped Magnesium ferrite ceramics was analyzed by X-ray diffraction and confirmed by SEM monographs. The elemental conformation was done by EDAX. The(More)
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