His-Wen Yang

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A miniaturized crescent-shape microstrip antenna is proposed for ultrawideband (3–10 GHz) applications. The crescent antenna is evolved from an elliptical patch antenna by carving a circular hole inside symmetrically. The circular aperture introduces an additional antenna in-band resonance and provides wider bandwidth with more design flexibility. The(More)
A planar octagon monopole antenna for ultrawideband(UWB) application is proposed and experimentally studied. The proposed antenna has wide impedance bandwidth from 2.8 GHz to more than 10.7 GHz with better than -10 dB return loss. The design is demonstrated assuming FR4 substrate with a relative dielectric constant of 4.4 and thickness of 1.6 mm. The size(More)
A novel printed antenna resembling a truncated SINC function is proposed for wireless communications. The proposed antenna functions either as a twisted dipole or two twisted back-to-back connected L-shape dipoles depending on the current mode. Due to the symmetry, the antenna supports an even or odd mode of current on the antenna and results in different(More)
Varactor tuned printed planar inverted-F antennas (PIFA) are investigated. The low-profile printed antennas are fabricated together with the layouts of its DC control circuits and other RF/baseband circuit footprints. A surface mounted (SMT) varactor is applied as a frequency-tuning element at the middle of the long radiating arm in PIFA. Passive lumped DC(More)
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