Hiroyuki Yamato

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This paper proposes an advanced cut-and-paste editing for three-dimensional models. We introduce a new param-eterization technique based on constrained B-spline sur-face/volume fitting. Our cut-and-paste editing is performed on this parameterization. In our method, a parametric volume is generated so that its isoparametric surface fits to the base surface(More)
Design is a central activity to all types of engineering. Each engineer must be equipped with skills in design engineering. Education of design engineering, as a result, has now started to change in response. This paper proposes a design engineering educational framework using ShareFast, an open source, client/server application for document management(More)
—Education of design engineering has started to change in response to the advancement of computer technology. This paper proposes a new design engineering educational framework using an e-learning system called ShareFast, a Semantic Web-based software for document management system with workflow. The software offers a function to keep tracks of learner's(More)
On-Demand Bus is a Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) service that passengers will be transported by the vehicles after they reserve a seat. The vehicle won’t move if there is no reservation and the efficiency is expected as a new transportation service. It allows potential passengers to request service via the Internet or mobile phone, with requests(More)
The problem of acquiring procedural knowledge for hull form design and construction of a knowledge base for hull form selection is addressed in this paper. An object oriented methodology involving creating classes, state diagrams and data flows for parametric hull form design was undertaken. An interactive graphical tool for the production of hull designs(More)