Hiroyuki Uesaka

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Aldosterone is one of the major factors to cause organ damage during an acute phase of heart failure (HF), and many reports have demonstrated that patients with acute decompensated HF (ADHF) have high blood aldosterone concentrations, and the high aldosterone concentrations predict poor prognosis in patients with HF. These findings suggest that eplerenone,(More)
The objective of a multiregional bridging trial is to show the efficacy of a drug in various global regions, and at the same time to evaluate the possibility of applying the overall trial results to each region. However, to apply overall results to a specific region, the result in that region should be consistent with either the overall results or the(More)
Clinical trials that aim to establish efficacy in the target population need to have an adequate control group. Although scientific principles for efficacy evaluation apply universally, actual choices of control in each region seem to be unique, reflecting differences in regional guidelines for clinical evaluation, preferences of the population, and(More)
In similarly designed clinical trials conducted in different regions or a multiregional trial, we sometimes observe different mean responses between trials or regions due to differences in distributions of an ethnic factor. Uesaka et al. ( 2003 ) used adjusted means for covariate, the distribution adjusted mean, to deal with such a situation. This paper(More)
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