Hiroyuki Tsuchiya

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The formulation of a mathematical theory of a cell population requires the ability to specify quantitatively the physiological state of individual cells of the population. In procaryotic cells (bacteria and blue-green algae), the intracellular structure is of a relatively simple nature, and it is postulated that the physiological state of such a cell is(More)
We describe a method of reconstruction using tumour-bearing autograft treated by liquid nitrogen in 28 patients. The operative technique consisted of en bloc excision of the tumour, removal of soft tissue, curettage of the tumour, drilling and preparation for internal fixation or prosthetic replacement before incubation for 20 minutes in liquid nitrogen,(More)
The objective was to characterize imaging findings of benign notochordal cell tumors (BNCTs). Clinical and imaging data for 9 benign notochordal cell tumors in 7 patients were reviewed retrospectively. Conventional radiographs (n = 9), bone scintigrams (n = 2), computed tomographic images (n = 7), and magnetic resonance images (n = 8) were reviewed. Eight(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term application of an external fixator to treat leg-length discrepancy and short stature often causes complications, such as pin-tract infection or loss of range of motion at the knee or ankle (or both). Prolonged fixator use also interferes with the activities of daily living. To minimize such problems, we have combined intramedullary(More)
With the use of dual-color fluorescent cells and a highly sensitive whole-mouse imaging system with both macro-optics and micro-optics, we report here the development of subcellular real-time imaging of cancer cell trafficking in live mice. To observe cytoplasmic and nuclear dynamics in the living mouse, tumor cells were labeled in the nucleus with green(More)
OBJECTIVE Excess iron deposition in tissues leads to increased oxidative stress. The clinical observation that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is frequently associated with hepatic iron overload (HIO) indicates that iron-induced oxidative stress may be related to NAFLD pathology. Decreased expression of hepcidin, a hepatic hormone that suppresses(More)
Many dramatic alterations in various cellular processes during the cell cycle are known to involve ion channels. In ascidian embryos and Caenorhabditis elegans oocytes, for example, the activity of inwardly rectifying Cl(-) channels is enhanced during the M phase of the cell cycle, but the mechanism underlying this change remains to be established. We show(More)
Deformity combined with shortening of 18 lower limb segments of 17 patients was treated with the Ilizarov method. Limb lengthening was done at the same treatment (monofocal treatment) or a separate osteotomy (bifocal treatment) was done after acute or gradual correction of the deformity using the Ilizarov hinge system. The external fixation time, amount of(More)
Dictyostelium discoideum and Escherichia coli were aerobically propagated in mixed continuous culture in a predator-prey relationship, and the effects of temperature and holding times were examined. Oscillations developed in the concentration of glucose, the limiting substrate for E. coli, and in the densities of the two populations, but eventually(More)