Hiroyuki Toda

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One concern about rotavirus vaccines is its possible association with intussusception. Thus, it is necessary to determine the baseline incidence for intussusception in the first year of life in places where rotavirus vaccines are introduced. However, few safety data exist for the period at which the first dose of Rotarix and RotaTeq are allowed to(More)
Clustering the results of a search helps the user to overview the information returned. In this paper, we regard the clustering task as indexing the search results. Here, an index means a structured label list that can makes it easier for the user to comprehend the labels and search results. To realize this goal, we make three proposals. First is to use(More)
We administered inescapable footshocks (IS) to male Wistar rats in a shuttle box, and after 2 weeks, an avoidance/escape task was performed in the same box. The rats exposed to IS 2 weeks beforehand exhibited PTSD-like bi-directional changes similar to symptoms of "avoidance/ numbing" and "hyperarousal". That is, in the relatively calm period just before(More)
Topics mentioned in blogspace are biased towards interesting/ funny or entertainment-related topics compared to articles in the generic web space and there are many personal opinions on products or services. Making good use of these characteristics, we introduce a new blog search engine that provides multiple interfaces, each targeted at a different goal,(More)
Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and biocompatibility of the studied Ti–Ta alloys with Ta contents of 10, 30 and 70 mass% together with the currently used metallic biomaterials pure titanium (Ti) and Ti–6Al–4V extra low interstitial (ELI) alloy were investigated for biomedical applications. Corrosion resistance was measured by an anodic polarization(More)
We propose a new method for estimating user attributes (gender, age, occupation, and interests) of a Twitter user from the user's contents (profile document and tweets) and social neighbors, i.e. those whom the user has mentioned. Our labeling method is able to collect a large amount of training data automatically by using Twitter users associated with a(More)
Although electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is clinically used for severe depression and drug-resistant Parkinson's disease, its exact biological background and mechanism have not yet been fully elucidated. Two potential explanations have been presented so far to explain the increased neuroplastic and resilient profiles of multiple ECT administrations. One is(More)