Hiroyuki Terada

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Fetal intestinal volvulus without malrotation is a rare, life-threatening disease. Left untreated, hemorrhage from necrotic bowel tissue will lead to severe fetal anemia and even intrauterine death. We encountered a case of fetal intestinal volvulus causing severe anemia, which was diagnosed postnatally and successfully treated with surgical intervention.
We present a case of cervical varix and low-lying placenta. A cesarean section was performed because of the risk of bleeding with vaginal delivery; hemostasis was achieved using z sutures at the bleeding points. After delivery, the cervical varix decreased dramatically in size. It is important to recognize the clinical features and available treatments for(More)
The reported success rate of uterine artery embolization (UAE) for obstetrical hemorrhage is more than 90%. We experienced a case of failed UAE for postpartum hemorrhage, although an embolic particle was found pathologically in the uterine vessels without coagulation. A 42-year-old woman (gravida 7, para 2) with placenta previa had genital bleeding at 35(More)
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