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Many biped robots that achieve high-efficient walking have been proposed in the recent years. Many researchers have thus developed biped robots that achieve active walking based on passive dynamic walking (PDW). Although these biped robots achieve energy-efficient active walking, their walking speed is generally slow. We have proposed a flat-footed PDW(More)
To use biped walking as a locomotion method, many researchers have studied biped robots achieving high-performance walking. Many latest biped robots have arc-shaped feet to achieve more high-performance walking. However, the biped robots have many problems due to the arc-shaped feet. To overcome these problems, flat feet with elasticity and viscosity at(More)
Although the Policy Iteration is one of effective algorithms to solve an optimal control problem for nonlinear systems, it is not clear whether this algorithm can be applied for hybrid systems or not. In this paper, properties of a conventional policy iteration for nonlinear hybrid systems is analyzed and it is shown that the policy iteration can be applied(More)
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