Hiroyuki Saitoh

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The synthesis of large single crystals of GaN (gallium nitride) is a matter of great importance in optoelectronic devices for blue-light-emitting diodes and lasers. Although high-quality bulk single crystals of GaN suitable for substrates are desired, the standard method of cooling its stoichiometric melt has been unsuccessful for GaN because it decomposes(More)
Despite many exploratory studies over the past several decades, the presently known transition metals that form homoleptic transition-metal hydride complexes are limited to the Groups 7-12. Here we present evidence for the formation of Mg3 CrH8 , containing the first Group 6 hydride complex [CrH7 ](5-) . Our theoretical calculations reveal that(More)
To verify the high-pressure formation of the bulk metallic glass in elemental Zr and Ti, which Zhang and Zhao [Nature (London) 430, 332 (2004)] and Y. Wang et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 155501 (2005)] recently reported, the high-pressure states were investigated by our newly developed in situ angle-dispersive x-ray diffraction using a two-dimensional(More)
Hydrogen composition and occupation state provide basic information for understanding various properties of the metal-hydrogen system, ranging from microscopic properties such as hydrogen diffusion to macroscopic properties such as phase stability. Here the deuterization process of face-centred cubic Fe to form solid-solution face-centred cubic FeDx is(More)
We synthesized two high-pressure polymorphs PbNiO(3) with different structures, a perovskite-type and a LiNbO(3)-type structure, and investigated their formation behavior, detailed structure, structural transformation, thermal stability, valence state of cations, and magnetic and electronic properties. A perovskite-type PbNiO(3) synthesized at 800 °C under(More)
Ninefold coordination of hydrogen is very rare, and has been observed in two different hydride complexes comprising rhenium and technetium. Herein, based on a theoretical/experimental approach, we present evidence for the formation of ninefold H- coordination hydride complexes of molybdenum ([MoH9]3-), tungsten ([WH9]3-), niobium ([NbH9]4-) and tantalum(More)
A novel LiNbO3-type (LN-type) lead zinc oxide, PbZnO3, was successfully synthesized under high pressure and temperature. Rietveld structure refinement using synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) data demonstrated that LN-type PbZnO3 crystallized into a trigonal structure with a polar space group (R3c). The bond valence sum estimated from the(More)
The Ring Trap 1 (RT-1) experiment has succeeded to produce a magnetosphere-like high-beta (hot electron) plasma in a dipole magnetic field. Magnetic levitation of the super-conducting magnet, freeing it from mechanical supports, brought about significant improvement of plasma parameters (density, temperature, confinement time, etc.). The maximum (local)(More)
The effects of temperature and pressure upon structural, dynamical, and electronic properties of liquid H(2)O were systematically investigated via first principles molecular dynamics and in situ x-ray diffraction in the chosen isochore (1.00-1.61 g/cm(3)) and isotherm (300-900 K) conditions. Our study suggests that the crossover occurs between H-bonded and(More)
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