Hiroyuki Ozoe

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Natural convetition was computed by finite-difference methods using a laminar model for 2 (wide) x 1 and 1 x 1 enclosures for Ra from lo6 to lo9 and Pr = 5.12 and 9.17, and a k--E turbulent model for a square enclosure for Ra from 10”’ to 10” and Pr = 6.7. The average Nusselt numbers agree well with the correlating equation of Churchill for experimental and(More)
Thethree-dimensionalvelocity andtemperature fields, andinturn theaverage Nusselt number and representative streaklines were computedbya finite-dilTerence methodfora cellular element witha length-toheightratio of 7 and several postulatedwidth-to-height ratiosnear unityin a rectangular enclosure heated from below, perfectly insulated on the lateralsurfaces,(More)
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