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Natural convetition was computed by finite-difference methods using a laminar model for 2 (wide) x 1 and 1 x 1 enclosures for Ra from lo6 to lo9 and Pr = 5.12 and 9.17, and a k-E turbulent model for a square enclosure for Ra from 10 " ' to 10 " and Pr = 6.7. The average Nusselt numbers agree well with the correlating equation of Churchill for experimental(More)
Thethree-dimensional velocity andtemperature fields, andinturn theaverage Nusselt number and representative streaklines were computedbya finite-dilTerence methodfora cellular element witha length-to-heightratio of 7 and several postulated width-to-height ratiosnear unityin a rectangular enclosure heated from below, perfectly insulated on the(More)
The results of experimental simulation of mixed convection in the process of single-crystal growth by Czochralski method are presented. Visualizations were done by dispersed encapsulated liquid crystals, which enable simultaneous measurements of the velocity and temperature fields. Experimental analysis was done for the cylindrical vessel kept in the(More)
New theoretical results are presented from which the overa~l Nusselt number tor natural convection can be compiled tor a rectangular enclosure ot arbitrary dimensioM, heated from below. This procedure is applicable for all aspect ratios greater than unity and tor Ray­ leigh numbers up to at least 20,000. The solutions were obtained by a finite-difference(More)
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