Hiroyuki Okimura

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Prolyl endopeptidase (EC3.4.21.26) has been considered a unique intracellular enzyme catalyzing internal peptide bond hydrolysis of Pro-X. In this study, the distribution of prolyl endopeptidase activity and its mRNA was investigated in the follicles of porcine ovary. Both follicular fluid and granulosa cell fractions from small follicles showed higher(More)
Context Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disease associated with altered immune response to endometrial cells facilitating the implantation and proliferation of ectopic endometrial tissues. Although regulatory T (Treg) cells play a key role in T cell-mediated immune response and development of immune disorders, their significance in endometriosis(More)
We report a case of rectal cancer with microsatellite instability (MSI) that probably resulted from Lynch syndrome and that was diagnosed after Cesarean section. The patient was a 28-year-old woman (gravid 1, para 1) without a significant medical history. At 35 gestational weeks, vaginal ultrasonography revealed a 5 cm tumor behind the uterine cervix, which(More)
To determine the identity of porcine follipsin, a plasma kallikrein cDNA clone was isolated from a porcine liver cDNA library. The clone encoded a protein of 643 amino acids, exhibiting identities 79.7, 72. 9, and 74.4% homologous to human, rat, and mouse plasma prekallikrein, respectively. The amino acid sequences of four internal peptides isolated from(More)
Follipsin, an enzyme that accumulates in the follicular fluid of porcine ovaries during follicular maturation, was purified to apparent homogeneity. The purified enzyme consists of two different polypeptide chains having M(r) = 45,000 and 32,000 each, associated covalently. The enzyme activity was strongly inhibited by diisopropyl fluorophosphate,(More)
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