Hiroyuki Ohashi

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Here, we describe a novel reagentless fluorescent biosensor strategy based on the antigen-dependent removal of a quenching effect on a fluorophore attached to antibody domains. Using a cell-free translation-mediated position-specific protein labeling system, we found that an antibody single chain variable region (scFv) that had been fluorolabeled at the(More)
Using the PURE (Protein synthesis Using Recombinant Elements) system, we developed an efficient and highly controllable ribosome display method for selection of functional protein. The PURE system is composed of purified factors and enzymes that are responsible for gene expression in Escherichia coli. We performed the detailed analyses and optimization of(More)
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been applied to various kinds of omics studies, resulting in many biological and medical discoveries. However, high-throughput protein-protein interactome datasets derived from detection by sequencing are scarce, because protein-protein interaction analysis requires many cell manipulations to examine the interactions.(More)
We have identified several transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) binding proteins in solubilized and glycoprotein-enriched porcine uterus membrane fractions by affinity cross-linking and in-gel ligand binding using 125I-labeled TGF-beta 1. By a ligand affinity chromatography using a column of immobilized recombinant TGF-beta 1, four components of(More)
Lysobacter sp. IB-9374, which was isolated from soil as a high lysyl endopeptidase-producing strain (Chohnanet al., FEMS Microbiol. Lett., 213, 13-20, 2002), was found to produce a beta-lytic protease capable of lysing gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Microccocuseus, and Bacillus subtilis. The Lysobacter strain secreted the beta-lytic(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary sequelae that persist after Kawasaki disease (KD) have been associated with obstructive changes of the lesions and coronary vascular events in adolescents and young adults. However, little is known about the association between sequelae late after KD and inflammatory markers, which are potential mediators and markers for atherogenesis.(More)
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) is usually secreted as a large latent complex associated with latent TGF-beta binding protein-1 (LTBP-1), which is known to bind to extracellular matrix (ECM) components. Although the LTBP-ECM interaction has been suggested to play a role in the activation and biological action of TGF-beta, the precise mechanism is(More)
The PURE system is a highly controllable cell-free protein synthesis system composed of individually prepared components that are required for protein synthesis in Escherichia coli. The PURE system contains neither nucleases nor proteases, both of which degrade DNA or mRNA templates and proteins. The protein products are easily purified using affinity(More)
The development of high-speed analytical techniques such as next-generation sequencing and microarrays allows high-throughput analysis of biological information at a low cost. These techniques contribute to medical and bioscience advancements and provide new avenues for scientific research. Here, we outline a variety of new innovative techniques and discuss(More)
We have developed a simple in vitro virus (IVV) selection system based on cell-free co-translation, using a highly stable and efficient mRNA display method. The IVV system is applicable to the high-throughput and comprehensive analysis of proteins and protein-ligand interactions. Huge amounts of genomic sequence data have been generated over the last(More)