Hiroyuki Morimoto

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A shoot tip culture procedure has been developed for the rapid multiplication ofCroton sublyratus Kurz, a tropical plant species cultivated in Thailand for the production of an anti-ulcer medicine, plaunotol. Optimum conditions were established : (1) for the regeneration of shoots from shoot tips: (2) for axillary shoot formation and rooting and (3) for(More)
Primary resistance to pathogens is reliant on both basal and inducible immune defenses. To date, research has focused upon inducible innate immune responses. In contrast to resistance via cytokine induction, basal defense mechanisms are less evident. Here we showed that the antiviral protein kinase R (PKR) inhibited the key actin-modifying protein gelsolin(More)
Adipose tissue, together with the mesothelial layer and microvessels, is a major component of the mesenteric peritoneum, and the mesenterium is a target site for peritoneal fibrosis. Adipose tissue has been speculated to play a role in peritoneal dialysis (PD)-related fibrosis, but the precise cellular kinetics of adipose tissue during this process remain(More)
To determine the effects of cobalt chloride on human submandibular gland cells, HSG cells were exposed to various concentrations of cobalt chloride. Cobalt chloride induced cytotoxicity and cell death in HSG cells as determined by phase-contrast microscopy and WST-1 cell viability assay. By using the Hoechst 33342 staining, marked nuclear condensation and(More)
The combination of an ammonium salt and ethylenediamine promotes deacylation of a variety of unactivated amides to give the corresponding amines in high yields without the use of strong acids or bases. The reactions proceed without special care regarding air and moisture, and tolerate a wide range of functional groups.
PTEN is a tumor suppressor gene encoding a phosphatase, and it negatively regulates cell survival mediated by the phosphoinositol 3-kinase (PI3-Kinase)-Akt pathway. To elucidate PTEN expression and its effect on the PI3-kinase-Akt pathway in fibroblasts and macrophages, we investigated the expression of PTEN and the phosphorylation status of Akt in NIH3T3(More)
Callus cultures established from the leaves ofCroton sublyratus Kurz (Euphorbiaceae) contained little or no plaunotol on various media with different hormone combinations. Plaunotol accumulation was observed in calli which were cultured in media with increasing concentrations of gelling agents, especially gellan gum and agarose. The accumulation was(More)
We have reported that diphtheria toxin (DTX) mediates target cell lysis and intranucleosomal DNA fragmentation (apoptosis) and also synergizes with TNF-alpha. In this paper, we examined which step in the pathway of DTX-mediated inhibition of protein synthesis was important for induction of cytolytic activity and for synergy. Using a DTX-sensitive tumor cell(More)
Double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) is a participant in the cellular antiviral response and phosphorylates the alpha-subunit of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2alpha (eIF-2alpha) to block protein synthesis. Treatment of human osteosarcoma cell line MG63 cells with a serine and threonine protein phosphatase inhibitor, okadaic acid,(More)