Hiroyuki Mizuno

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In a speed-adaptive threshold-voltage CMOS (SA-Vt CMOS) circuit, the substrate bias is controlled so that delay in the circuit stays constant. Distributions of device speeds are squeezed under fast-operation conditions. With a ring oscillator using 0.25-µm CMOS devices as a test circuit, we found that the worst-case operating frequency was improved(More)
A hierarchical power distribution methodology that enables more than dozen power domains in a chip and a power management scheme using 20 power domains are described. This method can achieve very low leakage current in the partial active mode of a single chip mobile processor. The single chip mobile processor embedded three CPU's that is baseband processor,(More)
A new computing architecture based on a ground-state search of the Ising model and the probabilistic behavior of a memory cell is proposed. To improve computer performance, a spatial computing architecture that defines an Ising model as the interface between software and hardware is proposed. Various problems can be represented as a spatial parameter in the(More)
In fission yeast, we identified two genes, named ecl2+ and ecl3+, that are paralogous to ecl1+, which extends the chronological lifespan. Both ecl2+ and ecl3+ extend the chronological lifespan when overexpressed as ecl1+. ecl2+ and ecl3+ encode 84- and 89-amino acid polypeptides respectively that are not annotated in the current database. The Ecl2 protein(More)