Hiroyuki Masuno

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We report here the design and synthesis of a novel vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonist whose hydrophobic core structure is p-carborane (1,12-dicarba-closo-dodecaborane, an icosahedral carbon-containing(More)
Combined lipase deficiency (cld) is a recessive mutation which causes a severe deficiency of lipoprotein lipase and hepatic lipase activities and lethal hypertriacylglycerolemia within 3 days in(More)
Our previous studies revealed the species-based difference of CYP24A1-dependent vitamin D metabolism. Although human CYP24A1 catalyzes both C-23 and C-24 oxidation pathways, rat CYP24A1 shows almost(More)
The present study examines the dental root after Er:YAG laser irradiation, compared with CO2 lased and non-treated surfaces, using Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Freshly extracted(More)