Hiroyuki Masai

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The central fiber connections of the gustatory system (VII, IX, and X nerves) in th crucian carp were examined by the Fink-Heimer method and its modification. The sensory and recurrence roots of the VII enter th brainstem separately and terminate in teh ipsilateral half of the facial lobe (L-VII). Afferent fibers of the IX terminate in the glossopharyngeal(More)
The cellular organization of the Wulst was studied in Nissl- and Golgi-stained brain sections in order to identify the visual receptive neurons. Golgi-impregnated neurons were divided into four types according to their soma size, dendritic configuration, and density of spine distribution. Type I neurons, the largest cells in the Wulst, have long, straight(More)
PURPOSE This study was carried out to examine the involvement of glutamate and nitric oxide neurotoxicity in ischemia/reperfusion-induced retinal injury in vivo. METHODS We monitored glutamate release from in vivo cat retina during and after pressure-induced ischemia using a microdialysis technique. Morphometric studies were performed to study the effects(More)
This study was performed to examine the roles of body temperature, NMDA receptors and nitric oxide (NO) synthase in post-ischemic retinal injury in rats. Cell loss in the ganglion cell layer and thinning of the inner plexiform layer were observed 7 days after ischemia. Cell loss in the ganglion cell layer but not thinning of the inner plexiform layer was(More)
Ipsilateral retinal projections were investigated in Japanese quails by means of the Fink-Heimer method after retinal extirpation, and by means of direct injection of horseradish peroxidase or cobalt ion-tophoresis into the optic nerve. Ipsilateral projections were found in the nucleus lateralis anterior thalami, nucleus dorsolateralis anterior thalami pars(More)
When we develop a general purpose document image understanding system, it is important, as the first step, t o distinguish individual documents. We propose an approach which first classifies document images into some distinct types and then interprets them exactly by using an appropriate document model. In this paper, we define groups of documents and(More)
Using photographic measurements and normal neurohistological preparations, a number of brains of Galeomorph and Squalomorph sharks were studied and compared. The brains are generally more developed in Galeomorph than in Squalomorph sharks. Among the major brain territories in Galeomorph sharks, the nucleus centralis is prominently enlarged, and the corpus(More)
A 34-year-old man, who had a 14-year history of hemodialysis, presented with a sudden onset of blurring of vision in both eyes after elcatonin therapy for hypercalcemia. Fundus examination showed well-colored discs without swelling and normal retina in both eyes. Goldmann kinetic perimetry demonstrated central scotomas in both eyes. One month after(More)
We examined the effects of acute intraocular pressure elevation on the intraretinal electroretinogram in the cat dark-adapted eye. Perfusion pressure of the eye (mean arterial pressure minus intraocular pressure) was regulated within the range of 25-75 mm Hg by increasing the intraocular pressure, which was adjusted by changing the height of the reservoir(More)