Hiroyuki Kubo

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The goals of this task group are to examine the current high dose-rate (HDR) treatment delivery practices and to prepare a document to assure safe delivery of HDR treatments. The document consists of detailed HDR procedures for design of an HDR brachytherapy program, staffing and training, treatment specific quality assurance, and emergency procedures. The(More)
With breathing synchronized radiotherapy (BSRT), a voltage signal derived from an organ displacement detector is usually displayed on the vertical axis whereas the elapsed time is shown on the horizontal axis. The voltage gate window is set on the breathing voltage signal. Whenever the breathing signal falls between the two gate levels, a gate pulse is(More)
MoCap-based facial expression synthesis techniques have been applied to provide CG character with expressive and accurate facial expressions [Deng et al. 2006: Lau et al. 2007]. The representative performance of these techniques depends on the variety of captured facial expressions. It is also difficult to guess what expressions are needed to synthesize(More)
This paper deals with player tracking in broadcast soccer video. In soccer games, players sometimes gather in a small area in the case of, for example, a corner kick. In such a case, due to a heavy occlusion, a simple detection-and-tracking method will certainly fail. We cope with such difficult cases using a constraint satisfaction approach. To integrate(More)