Hiroyuki Koura

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UNLABELLED To develop an instrument to measure the quality of acute respiratory infection (ARI) case management among Egyptian children. METHODS A baseline survey of all health facilities in a single district, using a multi-data source instrument. Data sources included providers, caretakers, patient records and observation of patient care. MAIN RESULTS(More)
This study was conducted to retrospectively analyzed the outcome of 192 total knee arthroplasties in 132 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (118 women, 14 men). The Okayama Mark II prosthesis, which requires the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) to be resected, was used in 83 knees (group I), the Mark II prosthesis, which allows the PCL to be retained, was(More)
Previously we reported that standard oral rehydration salts (ORS) solution is not as effective as a reduced-osmolarity glucose-based ORS for the treatment of children with acute noncholera diarrhoea: with standard ORS the diarrhoea lasts longer, stool output is greater, serum sodium is higher, and there is more need for supplemental intravenous infusion. We(More)
Kosuke Morita1 , Kouji Morimoto1, Daiya Kaji1, Hiromitsu Haba1, Kazutaka Ozeki1, Yuki Kudou1, Nozomi Sato1,2 , Takayuki Sumita3, Akira Yoneda1, Takatoshi Ichikawa1 , Yasuyuki Fujimori4, Sin-ichi Goto5, Eiji Ideguchi6, Yoshitaka Kasamatsu7 , Kenji Katori1, Yukiko Komori8, Hiroyuki Koura7, Hisaaki Kudo9, Kazuhiro Ooe8, Akira Ozawa10, Fuyuki Tokanai4, Kazuaki(More)
In order to understand the r-process nucleosynthesis, we suggest precision required for mass and β-decay half-life measurements planned at future RI-beam facilities. To satisfy a simple requirement that we put on nuclear model predictions, it is concluded that the detectors for the mass measurements must have a precision of 1σ < ∼ 250 keV, and that the(More)
The morphological study of the transverse arch was carried out using serial transverse sections of the foot. Ten specimens of intact feet, composed of bones from the Chopart joint to metatarsal heads, were examined. This part of the foot could be divided into six levels depending on the features of the transverse arch: 1. scaphoid-cuboid level, 2. midtarsal(More)
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