Hiroyuki Kawamura

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the value of electromyography in patients with anterior disc displacement (ADD) of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Electromyography (EMG) during chewing movement was evaluated in 48 women with unilateral ADD of the TMJ (21 patients with ADD with reduction and 27 with ADD without reduction). As a control group,(More)
The depth, length, and depth:length ratio of the mandibular fossa, and the angles of the posterior slope of the articular eminence were measured for 91 temporomandibular joints (TMJ) with anterior disk displacement (ADD) in 79 female patients with TMJ dysfunction. As a control, 48 joints in 24 females without TMJ dysfunction were similarly measured. One of(More)
BACKGROUND Stair-stepping motion is important in daily living, similar to gait. Knee prostheses need to have even more superior performance and stability in stair-stepping motion than in gait. The purpose of this analysis was to estimate in vivo knee motion in stair stepping and determine if this unique knee prosthesis function as designed. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND Total knee arthroplasty is effective to regain quality of life. Standing up from and sitting down on a chair and stair stepping motion are important in daily living. We previously reported in vivo kinematics of this implant during a stepping exercise. The purpose of this analysis was to assess in vivo knee motion during standing up from and(More)
PURPOSE To compare gait parameters in women after unilateral total knee arthroplasty (TKA) versus sequential bilateral TKA to determine the need for sequential TKA. METHODS 35 women aged 60 to 74 (mean, 70) years with bilateral varus knee osteoarthritis (OA) underwent unilateral (n=23) or sequential bilateral (n=12) TKA by a single surgeon. All patients(More)
We calculate the transverse-momentum Q T spectrum of the dilepton in the transversely polarized Drell-Yan process on the basis of the factorization theorem in QCD. We take into account universal logarithmically enhanced corrections in edge region of phase space by resumming multiple soft-gluon emissions to all orders in the small Q T region.
We calculate the universal radiative QED corrections to polarized lepton scattering for general scattering cross sections in analytic form. The flavor non–singlet and singlet radiation functions are calculated to O((αL) 5). The resummation of the non–singlet and singlet contributions to the QED–anomalous dimensions ∝ (α ln 2 (x)) k is performed to all(More)
We investigate the target mass effects in QCD Bjorken sum rule. The magnitude of the target mass correction is estimated in a variety of methods employing positivity bound as well as the experimental data for the asymmetry parameters. It turns out that the target mass correction is sizable at low Q 2 of the order of a few GeV 2 , where the QCD correction is(More)
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