Hiroyuki Kataoka

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We present the tip and friction forces acting on a needle during penetration into a canine prostate, independently measured by a 7-axis load cell newly developed for this purpose. This experimental apparatus clarifies the mechanics of needle penetration, potentially improving the development of surgical simulations. The behavior of both tip and friction(More)
The associative memory function of the brain is an active area of experimental and theoretical research. This thesis describes the construction of a model of cor-tical auto-associative memory. Conceptually, it is based on Hebb's cell assembly hypothesis. The quantitative description comes from a class of artiicial neural networks, ANN, with recurrent(More)
In this paper, simulations for needle insertion were performed by using a novel Eulerian hydrocode FEM, which was adaptive for large deformation and tissue fracture. We also performed experiments for the same needle insertion with silicon rubbers and needles, which had conical tips of different angles in order to investigate the accuracy of the simulations.(More)
Irradiation of the growing apex of the algaVaucheria terrestris Götz var.terrestris with blue light (BL), which causes a transient acceleration of growth, also causes a large transient increase in inwardly directed current, which was monitored with a vibrating probe. The growing apex is normally the site of an inward current, and the surface of the(More)
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