Hiroyuki Kashiwagi

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BACKGROUND Resistance to modern adjuvant treatment is in part due to the failure of programmed cell death. Therefore the molecules that execute the apoptotic program are potential targets for the development of anti-cancer therapeutics. The sigma-2 receptor has been found to be over-expressed in some types of malignant tumors, and, recently, small molecule(More)
One major challenge in the development of cancer therapeutics is the selective delivery of the drugs to their cellular targets. In the case of pancreatic cancer, the σ-2 receptor is a unique target that triggers apoptosis upon activation. We have previously developed a series of chemical compounds with high affinity for the σ-2 receptor and showed rapid(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously reported that the sigma-2 receptor is highly expressed in pancreas cancer. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that sigma-2 receptor specific ligands induce apoptosis in a dose-dependent fashion. Here, we examined whether sigma-2 receptor ligands potentiate conventional chemotherapies such as gemcitabine and paclitaxel. METHODS(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Since the launch of the TRMM satellite in 1997, the rainfall retrieval algorithms for spaceborne microwave radiometers (MWR) are improved by comparing with the Precipitation Radar (PR). This comparison also indicates that current algorithms for the spaceborne microwave radiometers still have space for the improvement in several aspects. For(More)
INTRODUCTION The laparoscopic repair of a rare diaphragmatic Morgagni hernia using the reduced port approach is described. PRESENTATION OF CASE An 85-year-old female presented with a 2 days history of upper abdominal discomfort and loss of appetite. We diagnosed her condition as a Morgagni hernia by morphological studies and performed laparoscopic mesh(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent advancement in radiological imaging has revealed an increasing amount of asymptomatic abnormalities. Tracheal diverticula are relatively rare entities and are incidentally found on radiological imaging such as computed tomography. Here, we present a case of an infected tracheal diverticulum presenting as a paratracheal mass, which(More)
BACKGROUND Although recent trends in laparoscopic procedures have been toward minimizing the number of incisions, four or five ports are normally required to complete laparoscopic gastrectomy because of the complexity of this procedure. Multi-channel ports, such as the SILS port (Covidien, JAPAN), are now available and are crucial for performing(More)
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