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Excretion patterns and rates of ammonium perfluorohexanoate (APFHx) after administration of a single and multiple (14 days) oral dose(s) at 50 mg/kg to male and female mice and rats were examined. The test substance was [(14)C]-labeled APFHx. After a single oral administration, total excretion was rapid, with mean recoveries of over 90% of the dose at 24(More)
Some aspects of speech deficiency in Japanese-speaking patients who had undergone surgeries for laryngeal malignancy were studied. Surgical procedures included reconstructive surgeries after total laryngectomy and conservation surgeries. A series of listener-judgments and some acoustic analyses of speech were made. The recorded voices of the patients were(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the use of a newly developed micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) system for the diagnosis of oral pathologies in small animals, using the rabbit as a model. The diagnosis of dental diseases in rabbits is usually based on oral endoscopy and radiographic imaging, but detailed pathological diagnosis using(More)
A multiclinic double-blind controlled study was performed on the effects of MAP in both inpatients and outpatients with AMT as control drug. 1. Subjects consisted of 41 male and 45 female patients suffering from various types of depression. MAP was assigned to 42 cases and AMT to 44 cases. Of these patients, 14 MAP cases and 10 AMT cases were subsequently(More)
A rare case of acute epidural hematoma of the posterior fossa associated with von Willebrand's disease is reported. A 9-year-old boy fell down and hit his occipital region against a floor. Soon after he came home and slept, but three hours later he began to vomit and became drowsiness. He visited our hospital and his Glasgow Coma Scale showed 13 points. CT(More)
In conducting the double-blind controlled study of antidepressants, observations were carried out on the relationship between Maprotiline/Desmethylmaprotiline, concentrations in blood and antidepressive effects, the doses and the incidence of side effects. 1) The maprotiline concentration in the effective group (markedly improved + moderately improved) was(More)
From 1966 to 1985, 2130 patients with gastric cancer were admitted to our surgical department. Among these cancers, gastric cancer following partial gastrectomy for benign gastroduodenal lesion were present in 22 (1%) patients. The original pathology was gastric ulcers in 64% (14 patients), duodenal ulcers in 23% (5 patients), combined gastric and duodenal(More)
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