Hiroyuki Ikegami

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A very large number of sensors on facilities such as HVAC, light control systems and electric power meters, periodically submit their status information to Cloud platforms these days. As the amount of data can easily get petabyte scale, we must consider the use of distributed application layer storage for managing such facility information, which is often(More)
Effective energy management and control is an important and urgent issue in the emerging and developing countries, so as to achieve their sustainable growth, because of poor quality of power supply by their electric power companies. In order to come up with the frequent electric power outage by the power company, most of buildings in developing and emerging(More)
A tangible augmented reality (AR) system was developed to visualize electromagnetic cascades through solid materials. 3-D cascade images calculated by the EGS4 simulation software are overlaid on a USB camera image almost in real time. Learners can observe electromagnetic cascades while handling blocks of real shielding materials. This system was(More)
Smart taps, having a capability of measuring power consumption for a connected device, circulates throughout the market from many vendors. This study proposes a method and an implementation for to notify an ID of the load device to the taps. By this study, the taps can dynamically know what plug load device is. In addition, we had done a experimentation(More)
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