Hiroyuki Hashizume

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Fracture-dislocations of the coronoid and olecranon were produced experimentally, and their onset mechanisms were analyzed to clarify the effects of compression force on the coronoid and olecranon. The study used two-dimensional finite element method (2D-FEM) simulations and static loading experiments. The latter applied axial force distally to 40 cadaveric(More)
Stress distribution in the humeroradial joint was analyzed with pressure-sensitive film, a tactile sensor, and by the three-dimensional finite element method. Fifteen cadaveric elbows with minimal osteoarthritic changes were loaded perpendicular to the articular surface of the radial head in the full pronation, supination, and neutral positions from 0(More)
Changes in the equatorial X-ray diffraction pattern from tetanized frog sartorius muscles (Rana catesbiana ) were studied by use of time-resolved data collection technique (time resolution, 0.5 sec) to give information about the dynamic properties of the cross-bridges. No significant changes in the intensity ratio of two equatorial reflections (I1,0/I1,1)(More)
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