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Examined were CCR2-deficient mice to clarify the contribution of macrophages via monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 (MCP-1 or CCL2)/CCR2 signaling to the pathogenesis of renal ischemia-reperfusion injury. Also evaluated was the therapeutic effects via the inhibition of MCP-1/CCR2 signaling with propagermanium (3-oxygermylpropionic acid polymer) and(More)
This paper describes the details of a Quadrotor miniature unmanned aerial system capable of autonomously exploring cluttered indoor areas without relying on any external navigational aids such as GPS. A streamlined Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm is implemented onboard the vehicle to fuse information from a scanning laser range(More)
This paper describes the design and flight test of a completely self-contained autonomous indoor Miniature Unmanned Aerial System (M-UAS). Guidance, navigation, and control algorithms are presented, enabling the M-UAS to autonomously explore cluttered indoor areas without relying on any off-board computation or external navigation aids such as GPS. The(More)
About 3% of all cancer patients suffer from carcinoma of unknown primary site (CUP). In spite of its rarity, we will encounter them. While CUPs manifest a wide variety of clinical presentations, they have often resulted in poor prognosis. Although platinum/taxane combination chemotherapy, e.g. carboplatin (CBDCA) + paclitaxel (PTX) is widely used for(More)
Head and neck cancer is often diagnosed at advanced stages, and surgical resection with wide margins is generally indicated, despite this treatment being associated with poor postoperative quality of life (QOL). We have previously reported on the therapeutic effects of skeletal muscle-derived multipotent stem cells (Sk-MSCs), which exert reconstitution(More)
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF)-producing nonhematopoietic malignancies have been reported in various organs and are associated with a poor clinical outcome. Moreover, carcinoma of unknown primary site (CUP) is an uncommon malignancy that occurs in about 2-6% of cancer patients. CUP also has a poor prognosis due to its missing profile. Since(More)
Loss of vital functions in the somatic motor and sensory nervous systems can be induced by severe peripheral nerve transection with a long gap following trauma. In such cases, autologous nerve grafts have been used as the gold standard, with the expectation of activation and proliferation of graft-concomitant Schwann cells associated with their paracrine(More)
In April 2008, the specialization in departments of obstetrics and gynecology was conducted in Sennan area of Osaka prefecture in Japan, which aims at solving the problems of regional provision of obstetrical service. Under this specialization, the departments of obstetrics and gynecology in two city hospitals were combined as one medical center, whilst one(More)
Background. Significant and/or complete rupture in the musculotendinous junction (MTJ) is a challenging lesion to treat because of the lack of reliable suture methods. Skeletal muscle-derived multipotent stem cell (Sk-MSC) sheet-pellets, which are able to reconstitute peripheral nerve and muscular/vascular tissues with robust connective tissue networks,(More)