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Blood-brain barrier disruption, microglial activation and neurodegeneration are hallmarks of multiple sclerosis. However, the initial triggers that activate innate immune responses and their role in axonal damage remain unknown. Here we show that the blood protein fibrinogen induces rapid microglial responses toward the vasculature and is required for(More)
An automatic mosaic acquisition and processing system for a multiphoton microscope is described for imaging large expanses of biological specimens at or near the resolution limit of light microscopy. In a mosaic, a larger image is created from a series of smaller images individually acquired systematically across a specimen. Mosaics allow wide-field views(More)
The thorough characterization of transgenic mouse models of human central nervous system diseases is a necessary step in realizing the full benefit of using animal models to investigate disease processes and potential therapeutics. Because of the labor- and resource-intensive nature of high-resolution imaging, detailed investigation of possible structural(More)
We have visualized, under an optical microscope, the orientations of actin monomers in individual actin filaments undergoing Brownian motion in solution, actively sliding past myosin molecules, or immobile on a surface. For the visualization, two strategies have been adopted. One is to exploit the fluorescence polarization of a fluorescent probe firmly(More)
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