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— The self-assembling of three-dimensional (3-D) MEMS from polysilicon surface micromachined part is very attractive. To avoid risky external manipulation, the practical use of integrated actuator to perform the assembling task is required. To that goal, this paper presents detailed characteristics of the electrostatic surface micromachined scratch drive(More)
Nanosystems operating in liquid media may suffer from random Brownian motion due to thermal fluctuations. Biomolecular motors exploit these random fluctuations to generate a controllable directed movement. Inspired by nature, we proposed and realized a nano-system based on Brownian motion of nanobeads for linear transport in microfluidic channels. The(More)
Allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT) is the only treatment, which leads to a life-long tolerance against allergens due to restoration of normal immunity. The induction of a tolerant state in peripheral T cells represents an essential step in allergen-SIT. Peripheral T-cell tolerance is characterized mainly by suppressed proliferative and cytokine responses(More)
F1-ATPase is the smallest known rotary motor, and it rotates in an anticlockwise direction as it hydrolyses ATP. Single-molecule experiments point towards three catalytic events per turn, in agreement with the molecular structure of the complex. The physiological function of F1 is ATP synthesis. In the ubiquitous F0F1 complex, this energetically uphill(More)
In this paper, the fabrication and characterization of PDMS 2D-optical lenses are reported. These lenses are designed in order to improve the performance of fluorescent spectroscopy detection performed on a portable chip using optical fibers. The fabrication process of the PDMS layer is first detailed, and the patterns are then checked with a SEM. By(More)
We developed a pneumatic conveyance system that consists of an array of micro air valves fabricated by MEMS technology. The array of 560 micro actuators successfully conveyed a small silicon chip, which was 3 mm/spl times/3 mm/spl times/100 /spl mu/m in size and 2 mg in weight. The chip was transferred to the force equilibrium point, which was generated by(More)