Hiroyuki Fujita

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Allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT) is the only treatment, which leads to a life-long tolerance against allergens due to restoration of normal immunity. The induction of a tolerant state in peripheral T cells represents an essential step in allergen-SIT. Peripheral T-cell tolerance is characterized mainly by suppressed proliferative and cytokine responses(More)
We report a very simple and reliable method for making Self-Assembled Vertical Comb (SAVC) drive actuators by using the standard SOI bulk micro-machining processes. The initial angular offset of the movable combs is prepared by using the process stiction which occurs during drying process after sacrificial release. The optical scanner integrated with SAVC(More)
The intriguing buckling patterns exhibited by bi-layer systems composed of a thin stiff film bonded to a thick elastomeric substrate have been studied extensively in recent years both experimentally and theoretically. Under compression, the film is constrained by the substrate and buckles with a wavelength that is usually large compared to the film(More)
Artificial nanotransport systems inspired by intracellular transport processes have been investigated for over a decade using the motor protein kinesin and microtubules. However, only unidirectional cargo transport has been achieved for the purpose of nanotransport in a microfluidic system. Here, we demonstrate bidirectional nanotransport by integrating(More)