Hiroyuki Fujioka

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Periodic smoothing splines appear for example as generators of closed, planar curves, and in this paper they are constructed using a controlled two point boundary value problem in order to generate the desired spline function. The procedure is based on minimum norm problems in Hilbert spaces and a suitable Hilbert space is defined together with a(More)
This paper proposes a novel algorithm to recover a drawing order from static handwriting images with multi-strokes including double-traced lines (D-lines). Such an algorithm is developed by employing the graph theoretic approach. Then, main issue is to find the smoothest path of each stroke from an undirected graph model corresponding to input handwriting(More)
We consider a problem of designing optimal smoothing spline curves using normalized uniform B-splines as basis functions. Assuming that the data for smoothing is obtained by sampling some curve with noises, an expression for optimal curves is derived when the number of data becomes infinity. It is then shown that, under certain condition, optimal smoothing(More)
We consider the problem of designing optimal smoothing spline curves and surfaces for a given set of discrete data. For constructing curves and surfaces, we employ normalized uniform B-splines as the basis functions. First we derive concise expressions for the optimal solutions in the form which can be used easily for numerical computations as well as(More)
In this paper, we consider a problem of reconstructing characters and words. As the basic tool for generating characters, we employ the method of dynamic font, where designing characters and words reduces to the design of 3-dimensional motions of a virtual writing pen. Assuming that some standard characters and words are already designed, we propose a(More)
We consider the problem of designing optimal smoothing spline curves by employing an approach based on linear control systems. First, the problem is formulated using continuous-time, time-invariant systems with piecewise constant inputs. Then by introducing discrete time-varying systems, the solutions for optimal splines including periodic splines are(More)